SideCar Angels is a Boston-based angel group that rides “sidecar” with
top-tier angel groups, VCs and entrepreneurs to help build early-stage companies.

“SideCar wins every award there is for easiest-to-deal-with investor,
the US, planetary, and intergalactic levels.”

.                                — Stefania Mallett, CEO, ezCater

“SideCar has been a huge, value-add investor.  Not only were they an
early investor, and invested in subsequent rounds, but they introduced
us to other angel groups that invested another million dollars.”

Bryan Nolan, CEO, Biometry                                            


A New Kind of Angel Group

SideCar Angels is a Boston-based angel group that rides “sidecar” with top-tier angel groups and VCs to fund early-stage companies.  SideCar’s first Fund went into harvest mode at the end of 2017, having achieved an IRR of ~37%.  Fund II commenced investing in 2018 and has made investments in more than 35 companies so far.

For Members

Because SideCar pools its members’ funds, it’s able to satisfy the minimum check size requirements that put some deals out of reach for individual investors. In addition, SideCar seeks out deals that have been pre-vetted by angel groups and VCs that have done solid due diligence.  As a result, members who might not have time or expertise to investigate each deal can make thoughtful decisions.

For VCs and Angels

By delivering 6-figure investments within days of an emerging company’s presentation, SideCar permits deals to close faster.  Because SideCar invests on the same terms and doesn’t require another round of diligence, it’s easy and efficient for deal leads to invite SideCar into their deals.

For Emerging Companies

SideCar members’ additional funding provides companies with additional runway to achieve their goals and reach their next value inflection point.  Portfolio companies can also benefit from the opportunity to consult with SideCar and its members whose startup experience, contacts and expertise can help with operations and opening doors.

For the Angel Capital Ecosystem

By expanding angel investing to investors who wouldn’t otherwise participate in traditional angel groups, SideCar hopes to increase the amount of angel funding available for quality deals.  By doing so, SideCar increases the chances that entrepreneurs will have the capital needed to succeed, and deal leads will see a return on their investment.

Our Sponsors

SideCar Angels is supported by excellent sponsoring organizations.
Their services are key to our success.


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Apty Logo

Series Seed 2 and Series A

Series Seed and Series A

Series A; Acquired by Data Brands, 2018

Series Seed and Bridge Note

Acquired by Ultra Mobile, 2017
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Acquired by Tandem Diabetes Care, 2022
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Series A, A-1 and Convertible Note
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Series A Preferred
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Series A-1, B and Convertible Note
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2022 Round
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Series A thru D-1 // went "unicorn" 2019
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Series A-1, A-2 and A-3

Series Pre Seed, Seed and Conv. Note
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Acquired by Copper John Partners; 2021
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Series Seed and Convertible Note
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Series A-2 Participating Preferred
Info Bionic

Series A thru C-2 and Convertible Note
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Convertible Note; Series A
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Series A-1 and A-2
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Convertible Note, Series Seed, Series A
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Common, Series Seed, Seed-2 and Seed Strategic-2
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Convertible Note with Warrants

Series A; Acquired by Wiser Solutions, 2018
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Series Seed; Convertible Notes; Series A
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Seed & Seed-2; Acquired by JASCI Software; 2021
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Series D Convertible Preferred

Series A-1

Series A; Acquired by Qiagen, 2017
Raven 360

Series A, A-1 and A-2
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Series Seed Convertible
Repsly Logo

Series Seed 2
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Acquired by Instacart, 2022

Acquired by Vita Coco, 2018
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Acquired by Tawkify, 2023
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Series Seed
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Series Seed-1
Thrive Bioscience

Series Seed; Series A
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Acquired by Attentive, 2021
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Series B-2 and C // Went "unicorn" 2022
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Series Seed; Series A; Series B
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Series A thru A-3
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Convertible Note; Series A
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Series 2; Series 3

Investment Criteria

Note that we generally do not invest in deals without a signed term sheet from a lead investor or entities outside the United States.

Human Capital

We are looking for established and effective teams with deep understanding of their target market.


The business should be capable of attaining sound financial indicators within a reasonable period of time.


Projects should have a demonstrable competitive advantage in their sector and significant growth potential.

Target Market

The fund targets scalable projects oriented towards fast-growing markets, particularly those based in the Boston vicinity.

Member Information

Membership in SideCar Angels is limited to accredited investors and is by invitation only. Members are expected to attend at least 6 meetings annually.

If you qualify as an accredited investor and would like to be invited to join SideCar Angels, please send us a note describing your interest and a brief profile or resume at

Although we will respond to your inquiry promptly, the timing for extending invitations and having new members join SideCar Angels
can be delayed.

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